Glass Geometry

Mathematically correct Lighting and Sculpture

Currently I teach math to home schoolers in south west New Hampshire, USA. My classes are mostly hands-on, discovering math, geometry and 3D shapes by doing. We will work on paper and with clay, paper and glass, thereby learning about surfaces, angles, volume, the Golden Means and Fibonacci, ratios and the like on the way. You can find help with studies, homework, or any type of work on our website by contacting us by email, check in offline lessons, or buy a persuasive essay.

As a math and physics Waldorf teacher I travelled throughout the USA and to Germany, sharing my enthusiasm for geometry and some of the phenomena of our physical world with middle and high school students.

I am available to give demonstrations and lectures in Art and Mathematics to high school and college level students.

Workshops and residencies for middle and high school students are available. We will build a lamp, developing the pertaining geometry including drafting of templates and construction of jigs as needed.

I have given presentations at "Professional Development for Educators" conferences of the NH State Counsil on the Arts and led courses for math and science teams at various high schools.

To help corporate management build better teams I offer weekend sessions in mathematical art.

For schedules of classes and residential workshops at my studio go to the schedule page.

Please inquire about availibility and pricing.

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