Glass & Geometry

Mathematically correct lighting and sculpture

We are a company that wants to create projects combining art and decorative objects, in article for sale you can find out how art objects combine this. Glass Geometry is a company dedicated to producing highest quality lighting products based on the work (standing on the shoulders of) Plato, Archimedes, DaVinci, Kepler, Descartes and others, in stained glass.

A line of hanging lamps in the shapes of the Platonic solids and various compounds thereof is readily available in any glass.

All lights are ready to hang. They are complete with all hardware like sockets and bulbs. I prefer to use halogen bulbs because they are quite white, therefore not tinting the colors of the stained glass, and they are small, point like, and can therefore be placed in the very center of the geometric form. The sockets are very small and do not throw much of a shadow so that nearly all the glass will be illuminated.

The retail prices for the lamps are noted with their pictures in the slideshow.
For wholesale please contact me any which way (see below) with all pertinent business information. I will e-mail with pricing information within a day (or so!).

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