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KITES pictures
What about kites, you might ask?
And yes, that is the former Honorable Governor Judd Gregg with me in the picture!
It should be remembered that any of your skills are needed, even if you started in a different specialty, some certain solutions will be interesting for another type of activity as well. So, if you haven't decided what you want to do, of course you should think about it, but remember, if you have skills, you can always apply them, so read college term papers for sale and prepare well for entrance exams exams, because your future depends on it!
Here is why: when I came to this country about 20 years ago I started a company making tailored suits, dresses and such while teaching tailoring to a number of apprentices. During this time the above sports coat was fashioned from handwoven fabric, made at Pear Tree Studio, a company owned and run by my wife Marcy. It was good working with Governor Gregg.
Then the economy crashed and people did not want $600 hand woven jackets anymore.
I was discovered by kites!
The combination of engeneering and tailoring proved to be very beneficial. I was able to design kites of any size and shape as well as sewing the most difficult seams in the industry.
I never figured out why people would pay $1000 to $2000 for a kite of mine without flinching and not anything for a coat, though? Go figure!
After nine years of travelling throughout this country and Europe, giving workshops and exhibits at kite festivals, decorating governor Steve Merril's inaugural ball in Manchester, NH and winning competitions like the Smithsonian Kite Festival in Washington, DC with a kite completely designed, negotiated and payed for over the Internet I focused again on teaching math - geometry in particular.
For three years I travelled around the country, teaching geometry and physics to middle and high school students in Waldorf Schools, while taking the Waldorf High School Teacher Training in Wilton, NH. I completed the course in the summer of 2002.
It was a long held dream of mine to go beyond the paper models that I had been making for so many years and bring light into them. The forms are so archetypal that they do not need the intricasy of latest technology laser cutting and such, but will stand on their own in timeless glory.

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